Let Google Assistant control own Smart Home Devices: the right Way.

Kappelt gBridge allows you to control almost any smart home device with Google Assistant. It receives smart home commands from Google Assistant (on platforms like Google Home) and transmits them accordingly to an MQTT broker. Got curious? Have a look: or read the documentation.

Hosted gBridge

You can set up gBridge on your own server, since it is an open source app (MIT license). However, I offer an inexpensive hosted instance of gBridge. This is a great way of supporting my work – and you don’t have to care about setup, maintenance, updates, …

Want to stay tuned? Follow gBridge’s Twitter page: @Kappelt_gBridge.

Open Source Application

gBridge is an open source application, available under the MIT license.

It is designed to be available for multiple users and to be scalable, thus setup from scratch is not particularly easy. To simplify the setup process, I’ve created Docker containers and a script that creates docker-compose files for your individual needs.

These requirements must be satisfied for hosting (excerpt from documentation):

  • Web Server that is publicly reachable all the time
  • Docker needs to be installed on your server
  • HTTPS must be configured for your Server with valid certificates.

Want to get started? Have a look at the documentation or the project’s Github repository.

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