free kits at embedded world 2016

I’m one of the lucky guys, who is able to go to the embedded world 2016 Exhibition&Conference (just two of the three days) in Nuremberg.

embedded world 2016 logo
embedded world 2016 logo. Source: NürnbergMesse

There were some quite impressive presentations and demonstrations, I got some news from the embedded world and enjoyed the visit. Of course, there is a much more interesting part for makers like me: the free development kits that you’ll get. Some manufacturers basically throw them after you. I’ll show you some I’ve got:

Please excuse the ugly pictures, I’ve taken those with my smartphone in a train. I’ll replace them later with better ones.

CY8CKIT-043 – Cypress PSoC 4 M

CY8CKIT-043 from Cypress

So, it is basically a small development board from Cypress, featuring their PSoC 4 processors. A programmer and debugger is also included onboard. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit the Cypress page. If you haven’t been to the embedde world, you can buy one for just 10$.

There is a PSoC 4200M Cortex-M0 microcontroller. But there is something special about it: you can reconfigure the hardware with simple drag-and-drop actions in their PSoC-Creator IDE.

If you need a timer in your project, you can just drop one onto some sort of schematic, and wire it to other components. If you want to configure these peripherial units, there is no fiddling with registers, you simply double click the schematic icons.

If you want to see it in action, you can visit Cypress’ YouTube-Channel.

Atmel ATtiny 104 Xplained Nano

ATtiny104 Xplained Nano Board
ATtiny104 Xplained Nano

Well, a small Xplained kit. The guy at the Atmel booth told me, that it was just relase on Tuesday. It has one LED, one push button and an onboard Programmer, based on an ATmega32U4. You can learn more here. This board is currently not available, but it will soon. It will be about 4.50€

There is the new ATtiny104 on it. It is a quite small MCU, it only has 1K of flash, but it has a very low power consumption. (I don’t remember exact numbers)

I haven’t found documentation about this Xplained Nano yet, but I’ll tell you what I’ve found out:

  • There is an oboard programmer (not debugger), which is based on an ATmega32U4. It names itself “mEDBG”. As far as I know it is used in some other Xplained kits too.
  • The LED is connected to PORTA 5. It is active low (so when you write a logic 0 to PORTA 5 the LED will be on)
  • I suppose that the pushbutton is connected to PORTB 1. Please note, that it is active low, with no external pullups installed (so you have to enable the internal pullups of the ATtiny, and when the Button is pressed, the according PINB-Bit is low)

To be continued…

I really appreciate, that the manufacturers gave those boards to us and I’m really looking forward to work on projects with those.