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Software grows, software evolves – but not on its own. When a project gets more popular, more time and resources need to be investend to keep it running and developing. Therefore, I’m currently running a kickstarter campaign. The main goal is to realize Alexa integration, so that many more users will be reached.

Let’s have a look at the Kickstarter page ( Please consider becoming a backer, too.

Sonoff Tasmota mit Google Assistant steuern

Diese Anleitung dient als Leitfaden zur Nutzung von Tasmota-basierten Geräten (wie Sonoffs, Shellys usw.) mit dem Google Assistant oder der Google Home Platform. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Anleitungen ist bei dieser Methode weder die Hue-Emulation, noch das Öffnen von Ports in der Firewall (bzw. Port Forwarding) notwendig. Ihr müsst nur diese Schritte befolgen.

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Kappelt gBridge allows you to control almost any smart home device with Google Assistant. It receives smart home commands from Google Assistant (on platforms like Google Home) and transmits them accordingly to an MQTT broker. Got curious? Have a look: or read the documentation.

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Trådfri Module: information about an upcoming update

Es ist eine deutsche Fassung verfügbar:

Soon, there will be a huge update for the stable version of the Trådfri module. Your action is required after installing the upcoming update. For instance, you have to install Java on your system. Libcoap and the software coap-client isn’t necessary anymore.

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